The Upward Spiral in Action!

“The Upward Spiral in Action” is ready, all you need is to place your comment, have your own copy of  ”The Upward Spiral” and I will send you the e book free of charge!

This is your time to take the theory of the first book and really make it work for you, by putting it all into action. The sequel takes you step by step, with interesting practical exercises which can be done in just a half an hour each time, it slowly takes you on the journey of self discovery and shifting into the greater newer version of you! It is fun, creative and allows you to play and nurture yourself as you work through it.

Enjoy, embrace your passion and excitement and spiral continuously upward!


Thanks so much for all the comments, watch page for news on Johannesburg Launch

keep the comments rolling in just love to hear them, thanks so much for all your time lots love val.


Workbook coming soon!

Happy New year to everyone, watch page for news.


Launching The Upward Spiral!

The book The Upward Spiral was launched on 7 December 2010 – a beautiful day in Bantry Bay, Cape Town at Salt Vodka bar.