The Book


The book is about my personal transformation and empowerment – how I achieved this and, most importantly, how I maintain it long term. In telling my own life story I take the reader on a journey of how to implement ten practical steps you can practise in each second of each minute of each day to achieve your own transformation and empowerment.

The unique concept that is covered in this book, is the chip that dictates our emotional coding or ‘personality prism’ or ‘prison’ which totally runs our lives and makes all the choices for us, and so manifests our present and future reality.

The book illustrates how you can uncover your chip and rewire it so you can choose your own destiny and manifest your own reality. It is inspiring and leaves you with great insight, and sense of personal power to achieving transformation in your own life. Practise the ten steps of the Upward Spiral and you will find that miracles happen in your life!

The Upward Spiral in Action  shows you how to implement the ten steps described in the book. It has exercises, guidance and inspiration for each of the ten steps in The Upward Spiral.

THE MAIN THEME OF The Upward Spiral is discovering your programme.


There is in all of us a programme, which I call our chip. This chip rules our lives and make us choose certain directions and people in our lives. This happens totally subconsciously without any of us really knowing that this is happening. Often we find ourselves in the same situations as years before and shake our heads wondering how it happened. We truly have no idea how we got to be in the same cycle yet again!

This chip is the computer program that runs our lives and gives us the output, which is our current reality. In the diagram you can see that our feelings, emotions, thoughts and belief systems come from our chip, and in turn, they create our reality and determine our behaviour and choices.

The Upward Spiral tells a story of how you can find out what your main modus operandi is, and in a practical and accessible way it shows you how to rewire it, to help you achieve your fullest potential.



  1. Fiona Nafte says:

    I enquired about purchasing your book at Exclusive in Hyde park as I reall wanted a gift for my son, however was told that they do not have the book and couldn’t even find it on Amazon? Where do I purchase The Upward Spiral?

    1. Val says:

      thank you Fiona the book will be available in all the main northern suburb exclusives as from next week, the 1 February.

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